Jungle: Best supported brands

Jungle: Best supported brands

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Tiger Brands is proud to announce that Jungle has taken the best porridge category in the Best Supported Brands feature.

Jungle breakfast products provide your family with the energy they need to meet every day challenges. Jungle Oats has now been South Africa’s Energy Champion for over 80 years and is still a firm favourite with South Africans.

The first Jungle mill was built to help farmers but also to contribute to making South Africa prosperous. It used a unique milling process that gives Jungle Oats its nutty flavour to this day. Jungle Oats serves as the perfect breakfast for those who prefer porridge as it is nutritious and filling. It is low GI and low in sodium. It also has Beta glucan which may help reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Tiger Brands continues to innovate to deliver quality products for the consumer’s changing needs, but remain true to their core philosophy of providing natural and wholesome energy for the day. There is now a wider variety of products within the Jungle range. These include produce ready-to-eat products like Oatso Easy, Jungle Energy Crunch, for faster-paced lifestyle, B-Fast instant porridges, and Jungle Oats instant. These products all offer the same health benefits as the original oats -with added convenience.

Jungle is perfect for those people who lead active lifestyles and require energy to keep them going for longer. From all over South Africa you will find school children, the working class and the elderly requiring the energy boost from Jungle oats to get through hectic days. It is affordable, nutritious and above all filling. It is no wonder South Africans love it. Bravo to Jungle for providing heart warming meals to families’ all over Mzansi for over a century.

Do more, do Jungle, go own it.