Talking Entrepreneurship and Food with The Lazy Makoti

Talking Entrepreneurship and Food with The Lazy Makoti

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(Johannesburg, June 2018) Reserved, polite and a master at her craft, Mogau Seshoene is one of South Africa’s top influential young people. At only 29 years old, Mogau has been featured in high profile African magazines for her culinary skills. With a cookbook on the way, nothing can stop this lady from reaching the sky and beyond.

Mogau, better known as The Lazy Makoti (Makoti, meaning Bride), started her cooking journey in her mother’s kitchen as she grew up watching and learning culinary skills from her mom.

“Banana bread, scones, dombolo and curries, malva puddings and potato bakes, is how I was introduced to the world of food and how cooking good food brings warmth and love into a family”, she says.

She then took further inspiration when a friend was due to be married and feared her new family would refer to her as “The Lazy Makoti” because she couldn’t cook. She was particularly interested in learning to make traditional South African food to impress her future in-laws. With just a few cooking lessons from Seshoene, the bride-to-be was more comfortable in the kitchen and more confident in her cooking abilities.

From seeing the difference Mogau could make in someone’s life, The Lazy Makoti was born and from then on, she invested all her energy into creating a successful career.

Being a successful entrepreneur is rewarding but does have its challenges, “It can sometimes be difficult to keep a good work life balance when you are an entrepreneur. Every day can turn into a work day and it’s hard to remove yourself from the business. So, you may end up missing birthdays or bridal showers. I always feel terribly guilty when that happens,” Mogau says.

McCain had the pleasure of partnering with Mogau for their Masterbrand campaign “Make it Yours”, which is all about Treat Fridays which showcases recipes that are quick and easy to make as well as delicious, allowing mom more time to spend with her family instead of in the kitchen. It’s also about being creative with the McCain products and serving takeaway style food at home.

There is no recipe for motherhood but thanks to our partnership with The Lazy Makoti, there are plenty of recipes for delicious home cooked meals.

“McCain has always been a part of many South African families including my own. It is so true to my brand, the idea of making life in the kitchen easier and enjoyable therefore spending more time doing more of the things you enjoy, with the people you love. I had such great fun creating recipes that are easy, convenient and most importantly, delicious”, Mogau reiterates.

The inspiration for her cookbook is Mzansi (South Africa). It is a true reflection of South Africa if it were a menu, drawing from our amazing culture and heritage.  It includes some modern-day influence and is a fusion of everything that makes us who we are as South Africans. Best of all, it’s written in an easy to follow style, with easy to find every day ingredients, that are probably already in your pantry or fridge.

The Lazy Makoti has some insights for any aspiring chefs out there, she has this to say, “Education is key. You can only wing it for so long. So, I’d say start there. Empower yourself and perfect the skill. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and knock on doors. All of them. The worst you can get is a no. You’d be surprised how far you can get if you just get out of your comfort zone.”

Her successes include, among others, making the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 list and meeting Former United States President Barack Obama.

Her book is available in October 2018 from Exclusive Books nationwide. Make sure you get your copy.


For more of her recipes, please visit her social media platform @TheLazyMakoti on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or McCain website or visit their social media platforms on Facebook McCain South Africa, Twitter @McCainSA and Instagram @McCain_SA. To join the conversation, follow #MakeItYours.