Softer-than-Ever Baby Soft® Mascot Showdown

Softer-than-Ever Baby Soft® Mascot Showdown

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Baby Soft® is well-known for providing generations of South Africans with thick, absorbent and silky-soft 2-ply toilet tissue. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Baby Soft® proudly introduces a great new innovation called Micro-Pillow Technology. Consumers now have the opportunity to experience softer than ever Baby Soft®, due to the double-sheet micro-embossing technique on the 2-ply toilet tissue.

In fact, it is so soft that Baby Soft® is considering a new mascot. Softi, the adorable Labrador puppy ambassador has been the Baby Soft® mascot for years but now they have found a worthy new contender to consider for the position. This contender is Shlumfi, a soft and well-groomed cat of the highest pedigree, vying for the envied title of Softer-than-Ever Baby Soft® Mascot.

“Because we strive to remain a household favourite, we are always looking for innovative techniques to improve our brand without compromising the quality that is synonymous with Baby Soft®. And with the new technology this new 2-ply from Baby Soft® certainly raises the bar on softness. Therefore, whether buying for your family or whether you buy for special occasions consumers can be rest assured that they are making the right purchase decision if they are looking for quality and softness”, says Li-Anne Hide, Senior Brand Manager for Baby Soft®.

South Africans can help Baby Soft® choose the Softer-than-Ever Baby Soft® Mascot by voting for their favourite – Softi or Shlumfi?

Consumers can vote campaign updates and there will be selected prizes up for grabs. When buying a promotional pack of the new Softer-than-Ever Baby Soft® 2-ply and voting using the on-pack unique code, consumers will also stand a chance to win their share of 10,000 x R100 cash vouchers.  Vouchers can be redeemed via a unique ABSA reference code that can be entered at any ABSA ATM. SMS ‘Softi’ or ‘Shlumfi’ and the unique code on the back of the sticker, to 33005. The promotion will run from 1 April 2013 – 31 July 2013 – terms and conditions apply.

Once the winner is announced, consumers can expect a facelift. The same trusted product, but in a new revamped look to complement the added technology. Look out for the promotional packs with Softi and Shlumfi on pack at all major retail outlets.